Why Use Us ? 
 Your choice of the right  home inspection company is very important one. First of all you want to pick a company that can furnish you with references from previous clients. You also want to pick a company who is independent, not a franchise.

If your looking for an unbiased home inspection, choose your own inspector. The lawyer who is handling your side of the purchase is a good source to get an inspector from. Your attorney is going to get paid whether the inspection results are good or bad. Your lawyer is neutral. All Hands Home Inspection Inc. has a history of thousands of home inspections plus 30 years of experience as a home inspector. Mike Boyle who is the owner operator of "All Hands Home Inspection", is not only a licensed inspector, but he also holds a degree as a civil engineer. He graduated Columbia University in 1981. If your looking for a home inspector with above average qualifications your choice should be none other than "Mike Boyle" of "All Hands Home Inspections Inc."  Anything less could spell disaster. Why take a gamble, go with the company who's only job is inspecting houses.